Why Us?

When it comes to marketing agencies in Seattle, Cleveland, and around the country, we know that you have plenty of options. So many options, in fact, that it might feel overwhelming. Here’s how Hummingbird Marketing Services is different.

How We're Different in Web Design

Why Choose Hummingbird Marketing Services for Website Design in Seattle

We rise above the rest in Website Design services.

  1. We write all of the content; other web designers require you to provide all content, and they do not provide any editing services.


  1. We include all of the pages you need in our quote; other web designers cap the design at 5–10 pages and then charge additional fees per page.


  1. We incorporate SEO into the website (structure, content, images, and code); other web designers do not offer SEO and/or charge extra for it.


  1. We include custom forms for appointments, new client intake, etc. in our quote; other web designers charge extra to add basic forms and then charge extra for customization.


  1. We include a blog in our quote (and we write it); other web designers charge extra for the addition of a blog and then charge extra per blog post (and see #1 for content writing).


  1. We interview your staff members, take pictures, and write bios; other web designers require you to provide this information.


  1. We customize the WordPress theme to you and your business; other web designers use standard themes and colors, and they charge extra for any customization.


  1. We coordinate all technical details with your hosting provider, including starting from scratch; other web designers suggest having your IT department handle these details.


  1. We create and optimize social platforms; other web designers suggest hiring a social media agency to do this.


  1. We are proactive with metrics and connect the site to Google Analytics and other traffic tracking tools; other web designers suggest having your IT department handle these details.


  1. Our quote is inclusive, and we handle all of it; other web designers have hidden charges and gaps in website completion that then require additional charges.

How We’re Different in Social Media

Why Choose Hummingbird Marketing Services for Social Media Marketing

We soar in social media marketing.

  1. We create a cohesive style and branding plan tailored to each client so that all posts are immediately recognizable as coming from the brand. Other social media agencies are either all over the board or not unique to each client.


  1. We create a detailed schedule that is both thoughtful and strategic for the upcoming month or quarter. Other agencies tend to focus on the week or even day ahead, without an intentional plan in place.


  1. We focus on quality over quantity, all with the end goal in mind. Other social media agencies are inundating followers with quick, thoughtless posts that, in the end, do not drive engagement.


  1. We create beautiful and visually engaging original posts that are tailored to each individual client. Other agencies employ a cookie cutter formula.


  1. We create unique and authentic content that includes applicable tagging as well as engaging and original hashtags. Other social media agencies neglect to include relevant tags and hashtags, which leads to lack of reach and unengaging posts.


  1. We customize each post to the social media platform on which it will be published to ensure accurate tagging and image sizing. Other agencies use a bulk scheduler for posting across platforms, which leads to tagging and image errors.


  1. We regularly attend educational events to stay updated on current and up-and-coming trends so that performance continually improves over time. Other agencies use outdated trends, even from just a year ago, that no longer work, relying on the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” concept, even if a small amount of effort could make a sizeable difference in performance.


  1. We have a stock photography subscription for high-quality imagery with full licensure. Other social media agencies use free and possibly unlicensed images to create posts.


  1. Above all, we are nimble and are ready to change direction if the plan is not working. Other agencies can be rigid and hyper-focused on a strategy and are not flexible in making mid-campaign adjustments.