Social Media Marketing

Hummingbird Marketing Services — Social Media in Seattle and ClevelandRegularly posting on social media can be time consuming and painful, but being active on the social platforms that are applicable to your business is a necessary evil. So let’s start with the positives—why your business needs to be socially active.

Social media marketing—or posting on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as well as monitoring your digital presence on Yelp, Google My Business, and other review sites—is essentially free advertising. Making regular posts helps to build audience and customer awareness; displays your company’s services, products, and field expertise; helps to establish the legitimacy of your business; grows supporters, fans, and potential customers; builds engagement and collaboration; helps with SEO by adding content to search engines; and keeps your company’s content current.

Of course, regularly posting on social media, especially relevant and engaging content, is time consuming, which makes it easy to fall behind. Plus, keeping up with the latest trends, sticking with a posting theme, knowing what content to post on which social platform, and determining the strongest hashtags to use is not easy.

Hummingbird Marketing Services — Social Media in Seattle and ClevelandHummingbird Marketing Services can help you to achieve a successful social media marketing strategy. We will consult with you to understand your needs in order to create a plan appropriate to your business: the applicable number of posts per social platform, the timing of the posts, and which social platforms are most relevant to your business. Then, we create a social media marketing plan for you that includes:

  • An overall theme to the posts (including colors and appearance);
  • Branding;
  • A variety of types of posts (from graphics to photos to informational);
  • Timing of posts;
  • Content of posts;
  • Hashtags and relevant tagging; and
  • An overall schedule.

Depending on your needs, we create custom graphics and incorporate both stock original photography. Plus, we can create social media advertisements around your marketing campaigns or important social posts.

Social media is more than just important; it’s critical for business these days. Let Hummingbird Marketing Services take care of any or all of your social media needs. Leave the entire plan to us, or we can help you devise a plan that you and your team can implement. Also, we can perform a competitive analysis to determine what is or is not working with the social media posts of your competitors.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you amp up your social presence? Contact us today for a free consultation about social media: call (206) 280-5750, email us, or send us a message directly through the site.