Content Writing

Hummingbird Marketing Services — Content Writing in Seattle and ClevelandHave you ever read website content that was very obviously overloaded with keywords and, in turn, difficult to read and understand? Reading a sentence like, “If you need a New York City attorney in New York City, then you have found New York City attorneys that can help with New York City legal problems,” is not helpful to a reader.

Strategically written web content that is SEO-driven and contains focus keyword phrases while also being interesting to the reader is imperative for a great website. Potential customers need to be able to find your business using search engines; however, they also need to be able to view and use your site as a resource for helpful information that will convert them into paying customers. We’ll work with you to understand the keywords applicable to your business, and then logically incorporate those words into website content that is engaging and makes sense.

Hummingbird Marketing Services — Content Writing in Seattle and ClevelandQuality content clearly explains your business and how you can help potential customers. Having great content on your site is important for a plethora of reasons:

  • It positions you as the expert and gives your potential customers helpful advice while visiting your site.
  • It provides you with original content to market in your newsletters and on social media, driving traffic back to your site.
  • It helps with branding and building brand awareness.
  • It impacts and improves your rankings on Google and other search engines because it is new, fresh content being added to the site on a regular basis.

Plus, we don’t just write content for websites; we can assist with all types of writing, including newsletters, blog articles, email blasts, content for social media pages, social media posting content, biographies, white papers, press releases, ghost writing, and any other writing that you might require. And, we implement plans surrounding the content with pitches, media campaigns, advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, press release distribution, and more.

Are you ready to focus on your business and leave the writing to us? Let’s start with a conversation, during which we can help you to determine your immediate and long-term goals, and then work together to build a complete writing plan. Contact us today for a free consultation about social media: call (206) 280-5750, email us, or send us a message directly through the site.