Branding by Hummingbird Marketing in Seattle and ClevelandThe branding of a company is ultimately what sells products and services to customers by offering a creative and strategic consistency in look, feel, sound, and all other outputs. Branding offers a consistent communication to potential customers so that they begin to rely on the message of the company and, in turn, begin to trust what the company is continuously relaying. As a result, creating a reliable, strategic, and engaging brand for your company is absolutely imperative.

At Hummingbird Marketing Services, we understand the importance of helping businesses create and maintain effective branding. We can help you start at the very beginning, by helping to name your company. And, we can help carry that message throughout any and all output that your potential customers see and hear: logos, symbols, graphics, social media, website, content, within products and services, merchandise, advertisements, commercials, jingles, videos, album covers, and more.

Branding by Hummingbird Marketing in Seattle and ClevelandImagine a company named Oscar French that displays an engaging logo, message, and jingle for their commercials that appear on your Instagram feed. Envision clicking on the “learn more” button that takes you to the company’s website, but there you see a different logo and message. The branding does not match. Do you trust this company? Do you feel comfortable buying whatever product this company is selling? The answers are probably no.

Consistent messaging and branding not only helps with impact, engagement, and in making a company recognizable, but also helps to form memorable impressions; builds value, credibility, and customer loyalty; and, helps to attract business.

At Hummingbird Marketing Services we know that you need the time to take care of your business while leaving the marketing and branding to us. Whether you have an idea in mind, have already started, or need a complete branding overhaul, Hummingbird Marketing Services is the marketing company that you need. Contact us today to get started: call (206) 280-5750, email us, or send us a message directly through the site.