Packages & Plans

Hummingbird Marketing Services — Web Design, Social Media, Publicity, Content Writing, Advertising, SEO, Analytics, Consulting, Branding, and Other Marketing Services

Hummingbirds can fly in every direction—up, down, left, right, backwards, and even upside down. At Hummingbird Marketing Services, we travel in any direction to help our clients.

Hummingbirds aren’t just the world’s smallest bird; they are the only birds that can fly backwards. The animal kingdom has no comparison to the hummingbird. Just like these shiny flying jewels are different from all of their feathered counterparts, your business is unlike any other.

To be truly effective, we believe that every marketing plan should be specific to the client. The needs of a house painting company will be entirely different from those of a Ska band or a veterinary clinic.

Our initial consultation is a conversation to discuss your goals, ask questions you’ve probably never thought of, and determine what you want and need to grow your business. After our meeting, we’ll compile a proposal that details our recommended plan and timeline. It won’t be a cookie-cutter plan that we’ve used a hundred times; our proposal is tailored to you and your business.

In addition to our main services (Web Design, Social Media, Publicity, Content Writing, Advertising, SEO, Analytics, Consulting, and Branding), we also provide one-off projects as well as monthly packages that can include any of the following services, with pricing based on the overall plan:

  • Monthly consultation to review performance and strategize;
  • Site monitoring for security issues and WordPress updates;
  • Writing blog entries and/or editing blog entries written by you and your staff members;
  • Email newsletters to past and current clients to share updates, blogs, and promotions;
  • Brochure creation and printing as well as other collateral; and
  • Much, much more.

Our goal at Hummingbird Marketing Services is to be your one point of contact for all of your marketing needs. Your business is your specialty; marketing your services is ours.

Let’s start with a conversation to determine your goals and how we can help. Contact us today to get started: call (206) 280-5750, email us, or send us a message directly through the site. Or schedule your free consultation today: